What's your timeframe? MK7 Golf R (290hp, 280tq, DSG or manual, four doors for more...kids, under 40k) releases in Q1 of next year. AWD, available Haldex controller, and still built in Germany, unlike the new GTI (disclosure: I own a new GTI and think it's the shit, and I also work for a VW dealer so biased) » 8/19/14 11:56am 8/19/14 11:56am

Where do you live? I work for Lindsay VW (northern VA), and we have no issues trading the 2015 GTI as long as there is one out there. We also have the most in the area as well, so that doesn't hurt. I'd be happy to check for you if you'd like. You can reply here or email me at jpidek@lindsayvw.com » 8/01/14 3:47pm 8/01/14 3:47pm