I like leasing. And at VW, where roughly 45% of our clients lease, I recommend it all the time. As long as you understand the rules (and aren't hung up on the mileage - there is only one circumstance under which you get dinged for it anyway), it's a great way to swap in and out of cars as long as you're okay with… » 9/28/14 12:48pm 9/28/14 12:48pm

What's your timeframe? MK7 Golf R (290hp, 280tq, DSG or manual, four doors for more...kids, under 40k) releases in Q1 of next year. AWD, available Haldex controller, and still built in Germany, unlike the new GTI (disclosure: I own a new GTI and think it's the shit, and I also work for a VW dealer so biased) » 8/19/14 11:56am 8/19/14 11:56am